Thanksgiving 2015

The top of my stomach hurts as I sit here to type. I have to sit up straight to be comfortable, yet that isn't comfortable, but my house is silent. SILENT. which must be weird because I keep thinking about how quiet it is. No TV. No Lexi crawling up my leg. No Mr Smith asking me when I'm getting off the computer. No dirty kitchen mocking me. No neighbors. <Just silence> The silence is broken, the heater just turned on. Perhaps a little Thanksgiving indigestion is keeping me awake while my two loves sleep. 

For the first time ever I didn't even think about nap time as we headed to my brother's house for the Thanksgiving meal. So when Lexi was getting on my nerves I realized crap, she is tired. And now it seems my loves will be staying up all night since nap time is passing through 6PM. Mr Smith joined her as I pealed apart the leftover turkey meat from the bones. 

My parents flew in for the week, so we've been enjoying this holiday with them. This was the first time I made a turkey, which can make a person a little skeptical. I'm not sure I would have dived in if my work hadn't have given out a 20lb turkey voucher. So why not I thought?! We do miss grandmas who take care of things, but I want the traditional turkey meal with sides to live on so that my children have warm feelings about the all American meal as well. I also attempted my grandmother's macaroni pie, which would be more helpful to do if my grandmother was here to tell me all her tips and tricks that she didn't think were special. I just don't like soft noodles, so I question whether or not they should be fully boiled ahead of time. 

My sister-in-law made fantastic rolls, sweet potato pie, broccoli pie, mashed potatoes and even an artichoke appetizer. My mom made some pumpkin pies & deviled eggs. Swallowed down with sparkling cider, you can't beat it. And I'm so grateful I can eat it. 


Oh I'm looking pretty big and unphotogenic, but I can think of a few things I am grateful for this season, like . . .

1. I don't care what you tell me, but white rolls and apple fritters
2. Supportive parents
3. The cutest toddler
4. Having a baby on the way
5. My husband
6. Our apartment, which may be simple but exactly what we need right now
7. Chapstick and lotion because really UT…
8. My friends, old & new
9. My bed and all its pillows
10. The fact that I can work in a couple of ways
11. My phone & Wifi
12. The holiday season
13. Pictures & Video. I love having them so so much.

Glucose Update

Glucose Update: The following week I took the torture glucose test on an 8 hour fast. The pros, my mom was in town to watch Lexi and it turns out you only have to drink the crap once. The cons, that one drink is TORTURE to swallow. Like my tongue was going numb, throat was burning, I was starting to fly in the clouds, and my insides were curdling. The nurse said some people like it, (whaaaaat????!?!). I mean I was dripping it on my shirt, shaking… it was awful. After they drew some initial blood and I drank the torture, I had to wait around for 3 hours and get my blood drawn every hour, which was also SO painful because there are basically two spots to get my blood. My right arm, where the vein is small and wiggles or my right hand. For some reason my left side is dead. So imagine getting pricked in the same place over and over. Only a skilled nurse can get it in my arm, but I didn't get a skilled nurse the first time. So the second nurse pierces a bruise.

Any way, all that to say I waiting impatiently and told my husband to pull some strings for me to get quicker results and I was NEGATIVE. Thank.the.heavens. I will NEVER do that again. And I enjoyed the white bread for Thanksgiving.


24 Weeks & Glucose Hell

I will probably fast next time even though they don't say to the first time around and I will probably not eat skittles the night before. I will most likely do a bit more walking as well. Drinking the glucose wasn't even that bad (get the orange) but it makes you lightheaded for sure. I chugged it in 2 minutes and followed it up with eggs & toast. I went in thinking the best. That I would be completely normal. 

Then immediately after the test she told me at 143 I needed to take the 3 hr test and I wanted to die. I thought surely she was kidding, but she wasn't really the kidding type. Because 1. I hate spending extra money 2. I hate thinking my fetus is at risk 3. I hate having to find a sitter, especially for 3 hours 4. I HATE thinking about being in a doctor's office for 3 hours 5. I hate thinking of drinking the "not so terrible drink" THREE more times 5. I hate thinking I have to get my blood drawn THREE more times since that is always sucky for me. 6. I hate to think about fasting and only drinking that crap. 7. I then hate to think those results would come back negative and the next 3.5 months are going to be hell. What am I supposed to snack on, vegetables?!?

She said at least I don't need iron supplements (which is good since I'm like 50/50 on my prenatal) and I'm not constipated. So there was something for the win. I guess. Whatever. I'm still ticked.

"What's That Called?"

I know I don't take enough video of Lexi because I am going to miss this phase so so much once it is gone.  All her cute sayings are way too enjoyable.  "Mommy, I love it" It may always surprise me how quickly they learn and what they choose to remember. She is in the phase of "what's that called?" and she always responds with "oh, ok" and I just eat it up.  There was that tough phase where she tested limits, and she still will for new things, but she is fairly obedient once scolded the first time, so I feel like she is finally starting to understand that limits keep her safe and everyone happy. She has definitely developed a sense of guilt, for better or worse. I know she wants us to be happy too. Just the threat of a spanking is enough to move her along. Again, for better or worse, but we appreciate that it works… She tells us to be careful in the kitchen or by cars. Sometimes she learns by experience, e.g. she knows no longer to touch the tree (she broke an ornament that cut her finger).

She got in the car this morning saying "don't want to be late!" and I just smiled because I must have said that a million times as I wrestled with her & that car seat. She is truly my delight in this world even after I tell her she is being annoying for something else, ha!

I just cracked up when she saw those dolls at the store and started carrying them off the shelf. We also promised her we would put up the Christmas tree and that very next morning she runs to my bed and says "Christmas tree?" They remember.

4 Years

I'd be okay with not documenting anniversary #4 with a photo or at least we should have kept Lexi to herself. Oh well, we aren't always beautiful, but it was a good evening as a family of three at the Brick Oven. We were finally able to sit through a restaurant meal without having to worry about making sure she stayed there. Mr Smith found all you can eat pizza he enjoyed, so ya know, that was a success.

This year was definitely better than our position last year, so I'll give us that. In many ways four years doesn't seem like enough time for how far we have come, but that's what moving several times does to you I guess. It's weird to think about all the places we've lived and friends we've made along the way in four short years. Maybe I will call chapter 4: "change of plans" or "adjustment" as I felt uprooted and we began again somewhere completely different, but I think we've begun to settle and find our place. 

I still love looking at our wedding photos. I hope that never gets old. Growing our family is the best thing for us and change is just inevitable when it comes to how we live and evolve. I'm so grateful for the man I married. He is truly my rock in this life. 


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