36 Week Apt with No Name Baby Boy

Mr Smith feels like he has more control over the name this time around. Just because I chose Alexis or Lexi? It's the first boy and so DAD gets to name him? I'm not sure. I thought it was a guarantee from previous boy discussions, but Mr Smith has a bit of a list. Which doesn't give me any anxiety at all. So for now, he is still unnamed.

I went in for my 36 week apt to get the group b swab test. I totally forgot about that test, which felt like nothing (except awkward) but for some reason as soon as they said it I had bad memories. Let's say having the cervix checked was spot on from previous memories. I'm always torn about the cervix checks, because even if you can get progress from week to week, it still creates false assumptions, because really I could go into labor today or two weeks from now; it's up to the baby still.

But for what it's worth, I'm 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced.
Definitely figured I had thinned.

And still +35 lbs. The appetite does wane some at the end, but I can see me still meeting the final weight I incurred with Lexi if I didn't go past my due date (since that isn't allowed this time)


Hello Friend

Have mercy I LOVE catching up with old (but not old) familiar faces. Ms Rachel & I had some good times back in our young DC living days (not all were great, but it's fun thinking how far we've come nonetheless). These people, especially roommates, see you in the highs and the lows and I just really lucked out getting to know some truly uplifting and humorous people in my time. I needed them back then and I'm so glad we got to reconnect even if a couple hours was only to fill a quick fix.  We decided to meet up at the puppy barn since I have heard such a thing exists where you can go cuddle cute puppies. We didn't get to do so at the humane society so this was a nice treat. Too bad they didn't have side rooms where you can sit, cuddle puppies with hot chocolate and catch up with old friends. Someone create this. Still though, so glad that yet again, UT brings people together. Lexi LOVED having Rachel be her new bff too. And she was tickled pink by the puppies licking her hand (she couldn't personally hold any of course).

 And again, another old (but not old) familiar face who still reminds me of my happy DC days is Ms Jenny. Who is soon to be a Mrs! I'm so glad her bridal shower day has finally come and gone. I know no one is more excited about getting married than she is (totally smitten), yet I do take much pride & joy in this phase of her life. She deserves a helpmeet in life and I'm SO glad Kevin ended up being worth the wait. I'm just so excited for them that I almost get speechless and teary-eyed, but let's chalk that up to hormones. We have come along way too and I'm just SO grateful to know Jenny was there from day 1 of Mr & Mrs Smith. Cheers to finding good lovers and good friends.

<35 weeks, no bump>


Holding On

I love this photo, it almost leaves me speechless. Story time was over. Singing time was over. Yet he kept rocking her as she fell asleep in his arms. It is hard to move a sleeping toddler, but more than just physically not wanting to wake them up, it is so rare to get these sweet moments with them. She is still forever and always our baby Lexi even though we're trying to encourage big girl status. 

We are all very excited to have baby boy make his entrance. My previous posts with Lexi revealed that 35 weeks was my tipping point back then and it still holds true. We're ready at this point even though we know 5 weeks still lie ahead. And even with all the discomforts or annoyances that exist with the last month of pregnancy, more than anything, it's the anxiety from the anticipation. At this point, you feel like a ticking time bomb and you're just ready to meet your child. I'm assuming it was a little different with Lexi; this time the anxiety rests more around seeing Lexi as a big sister, having a boy to change things up, and just seeing how different everything will be with two kids. Are we prepared? What are we missing? are less worries with round 2, but it's funny how they still exist.

I sleep with 3 pillows under my head, one behind my back and the other between my legs. I sleep the best on my right side since that's where the bruised ribs get the best support. Switching sides only make Mr Smith think I'm out to torture him since the groans, and shifting covers are inevitable. However, I wake up feeling awesome. Probably because I don't have to wake up to be somewhere this time. It really is a nice treat. It may not last long as the month ends, so I'll take it. Other annoyances of my bras being too tight, underwear needing to be changed frequently, my back & sides aching as I sit, and just the quick exhaustion that comes after more than an hour of being on my feet - have an end as well. A glorious end, as long as I make it to the hospital in time. 12 minute drive.

<35 weeks>

PCCT - A temple right around the corner

I waited in the driveway telling Lexi we had to get tickets before we could leave. Every day we initially wanted was quickly filling up and I was left in a panic to just get something in January to guarantee that we got to go. Mr Smith committed to making it work, so we went through during Friday morning Jan 29th and it was wonderful!  The general public is able to go through a couple months prior to a temple dedication - you are guided through the baptismal font, the endowment rooms, the sealing rooms & the celestial room. Every room I walked in was just "stunning" and I can't wait to actually attend a session with Mr Smith once dedicated.

Some people may still see it and think of the old tabernacle, music hall, or meetinghouse. I met there a few times back in college for Stake Conference or Christmas concerts. And when it burned, I thought it was sad & surprising, but it was always meant to be something so much more. I'm glad we get to see it as a temple. A true example of rising from the ashes, with a higher purpose, one we couldn't imagine. 

Lexi loves to point out the temples, Moroni on top, and singing "I love to see the temple", so I was excited to take her with us now that she was a littler older and daddy was there to help keep her off the furniture. Temples ALWAYS make me feel closer to my family. I couldn't be more grateful for them. Especially when they are literally less than a 5 minute drive.

<34 weeks>


Dental Visit #2

We went a year ago around this time, and decided to head back for round 2. I thought I could handle it alone, but I am pregnant and they get X-rays again apparently. So since I couldn't stay in the room, that was dramatic. I was on the phone with Mr Smith because we had new insurance, yet I didn't have any info and needed his social. So Lexi crying and Mr Smith telling me he thought it was a waste of time any way REALLY helped this stressed out mama. Lexi got up and walked out. We went back in and a lovely technician came in and started talking 2-year old language. They distracted her and got her back in the chair. All is well that ended well. Until the dentist comes by to say she has signs of decay in her front teeth (which can go away on it's own with care) as well as missing permanent teeth (if adolescence wasn't difficult enough). She left with a fancy toothbrush & a balloon flower. It's done. Mr Smith will still probably feed her juice & candy and we'll fight about it until I die.


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