Shopping for Tall

Shopping can easily become an annoyance.

So here is what I have found works for people like me (Tall really isn't that rare!)

Old Navy - bless them, seriously bless them. They sell TALL pants AND tops and they really mean it. They have largely improved over the years with fit although they still run larger and sometimes their tops are too thin BUT you can't beat the fit for the price. I LOVE their Diva fit jeans. Now I just need them to come up with a good pair of kaki pants that look good front & back.

Express - for quality work pants. They have a ton of options although it seem their Editor line is preferred (thicker pant). I just ordered a couple 50% off hoping one will fit.

JCPenny - Although I feel like online is your best chance at actually finding Tall, I hear it does exist and they have the coupons that come in the mail. So out of department stores, JCPennys wins.

And that's about it folks. There are several places that sell "long" and lie about it, but jeans are easier to find and American Eagle is a good option if their fit works for you or Buckle if you have the money. Banana Republic, GAP & Jcrew are just really expensive and I haven't liked their options lately.

Tall friends, tell me if you have discovered anything different. And by tall, you better be at least 5'9.

Work & Play

I got a job offer this week and I accepted. I'll be working part-time as a Technical Administrative Assistant for Certiport, a Pearson VUE business, starting January 5th in American Fork.  Although I will miss east coast pay rates, Pearson offers full benefits even for short-hour employees (and this position offers flexible and eventually remote hours). I am excited to see how the learning curve goes. It seems my two previous positions tie into it well minus I need to step up my Excel game.  They create the certification tests for such programs and software, and I definitely need a refresher from being out of the workforce game. I don't want to work full-time right now, but part-time is a great opportunity to challenge myself and hopefully improve many skills that keep me in the game. I am hoping this will make my time more scheduled and focused on Alexis when I am home instead of much of the idle time that currently occurs. Change and adjustment are hard and intimidating, but they haven't stopped me in the past from going after opportunities to improve. Thanks in advance for the prayers. Until then, I have a month to pull out the work pants from boxes and see what still fits. Unfortunately, I see a shopping trip in my future.

My mother and my mother-in-law love to shop. I would much rather click buttons and have packages delivered to my door, but I guess it is harder to steal the deals that way. I'm not sure what has happened to all of my clothes over time; I swear it feels like I own five shirts.  Most people don't realize how difficult it is to shop for tall people. Hunting for those few shirts that will shrink up and for those two pairs of longs never in your size is just depressing, especially with a whacked out toddler who just wants to play hide and seek. 

However, we did manage a few other things outside of holiday shopping while my parents were in town, although it always seems like the pictures and activities are crammed in at the end because you realize time is running out. We went to Utah Lake for a few family photos, played at Rocky Canyon park & experienced the craziness of the Festival of Trees & Temple Square lights on a Saturday night. I got to eat Zupas with the girls and Sushi with the parents, which I probably wouldn't get to enjoy without them. Dad fixed my rearview mirror and they babysat while we ran errands.

[I didn't want dad alone in his selfies]

[Pop Pop bought her a paper purse with animal crackers. She loves anything on her arm & in her mouth]




Looper Family Christmas

It is the beginning of December and luckily we didn't have to bundle up too tight for photos. Mr Smith was minimally difficult (he knew I would torture him for months if he didn't give me family photos). I wanted a shoot with my parents since now it isn't easy to travel back and forth to Looper Rd. We are still missing Elder Troy Looper who comes home in May, but the rest of us are current. A tripod and a wireless remote did the trick. Go ahead and mention it, but we know we are beautiful.



Wrong or Really Right at 19 months

Some things Lexi says are not perfect in the English language, but they are pretty darn cute:

me: "Alexis, did gas just come out of your bum?
Alexis: "bum bum" as she points

me: "Alexis, can I hold your baby?"
Alexis: "my baby"

…oh yes we just started that…

me: "Are you done eating?"
Alexis: "Up! All done" along with the sign

Alexis: "Here go Mama"

Alexis: "Where go?"

Bumma = Grandma

Gin = Again

Daddy made it to the top of the list this week. She officially desires his presence before mine. Sigh.
In the past 3 weeks or so she has developed this attachment to her parents, so we finally reached the attachment phase. I think dad is eating it up, so I'll let him enjoy it. We won't be her favorites forever.

Aunt Lisa comes in third even though she calls her Laura, haha.


Thanksgiving 2014

I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving.  I didn't quite manage the famous Amy sweet potatoes, but I tried. And I swear next year I will use a wider, shallower pan so the topping isn't still gooey after an hour (and I might include less topping altogether). If I don't write these things down, I'll forget. Connie made a lovely meal for us all; as she always does. My parents came into town that day for Lexi kisses. She only speaks now, is all. Two months can change a toddler. She is saying phrases; she is relentless with "hey mama" "here go mama"(or daddy). She is adorable so she makes it an exciting adventure. Speaking of, she swallowed G-Grandma's blood pressure pill. So that was a terrible incident of trying to make her throw up which ended in a gag reflex and the poison control promising she will be ok since it was just one pill; watch for mild stomach discomfort that expanded into the nastiest smelling, green diaper of all times. I'm not sure how toddlers make it to adulthood. Obviously against all odds.

So because people say you should be happy even when you're sad and that you should make gratitude lists and pray more when you're emotionally spiraling which is when you want to least, here I go:

1. My daughter, Lexi. I want to squeeze her and kiss her until life itself ends. She is my best accomplishment & sense of purpose. Her existence is the sunshine on a cloudy day.

2. My long list of good friends and my short list of best friends who help me shoulder the pains of this world. They inspire me & push me along.

3. Yoga pants & Old Navy who makes them affordably in size long.

4. The mountains, they make me happy to be where I am.

5. Taylor Swift, Blank Space - just enough distraction when I need it

6. The scriptures. The temple. Latter-day prophets & apostles. Because I find comfort in knowing I can find truth, a sense of purpose, love & courage. I can depend on them when I feel at a loss with everything and everyone else.

7. Eric's family, for saving us during a hard time, for opening their doors & giving up their space. We went from never seeing each other to seeing each other every day.

8. My family, for always listening and being there just because they want to be.

9. Nursery leaders. Enough said.

10. Winco, allows me to mourn a little less over the loss of Aldi

11. That date night with Mr Smith

12. My ability to go running when I want. Even if it has only happened once this year.

13. Laughter. It is such a precious gift. Especially those souls who bring it out of people.

Things I've been grateful for since September 22, 2014:

so many things.

I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous. I did a little bit of shopping to get a few things:

Socks of all kinds (you need them in UT)
same with tights, ugh
Slippers…easy to slip on shoes
Sweaters, Long sleeve shirts (longs)
First Aid kit
the Kitchen Plus 2000 (I hope it works)
finger-tip-less gloves

For most things, I just feel like waiting.


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