First Haircut (Almost)

Technically Mr Smith trimmed my child's hair for the first time while I was away. There was a little bit of a fight about it. So I'm just going to pretend like it never happened and say this is her first official haircut, since mom was present and consented. 

Here are the pictures of it going down. I last minute realized we hadn't taken a before shot (how???) so I frantically ran around trying to find a camera and this is basically all I was able to get while Mr Smith told me to hurry up he was running out of time. We had to distract her with the Kindle.

I had avoided this for awhile. Mr Smith would bring it up like every other day and I would avoid making it a reality. Well, the biting on the hair habit pushed me to do it, but I also realized she could use a good trim although I never could have done it myself. Her hair still has waves and curls randomly like mine did so we weren't sure how well the bob would take, but I think she looks even cuter if it's possible! She is all grown up (almost)! And of course in the shots below she is watching her new favorite show: Sherman & Mr Peabody (like really we watch it all the time straight through)



She has started requesting waffles ever since our trip to NC where she had Eggo waffles for the first time. Homemade waffles where I'm not actually mixing aren't quite as good as those artificial ones, but perhaps one day we will have a baker in the family.

I caught myself several times wanting to be like "just let mommy do it" it is SO hard to give up control and let them be kids for a second. I'm not about to let her get waffle all over the kitchen, but I did want her to enjoy helping and creating, which she did. Apron credit to my amazing mother.

An Update on Lexi & the Payson Temple Open House

I apologize to my mother for being so MIA on the blog. If it isn't Lexi, work or moving related, I probably haven't done it. I just can't settle myself until the home is settled, which might take some time. And Lexi has definitely taken a back seat at times and I love her for not knowing that I've been a slacker mama. However, I think it is due time for an update on Ms Lexi. I didn't even give the stats of her 2nd year appointment! And hopefully I'll get around to an official "2 year old" photo soon.

Same 70%ish percentile if that means anything to you, but WEIGHT 27.5 lbs HEIGHT 34.5 inches  SIZE 2-3T, 6-7 shoe

Her newest (albeit bad) habit of biting her hair is driving me bananas.

She sleeps in a toddler bed now, the crib with the one side removed, and she loves it. She has done great. Not at all like I expected. She stays there and calls my name when she wakes. We're all happy there. 

Sometimes I think she can read my mind she is so smart, but sneaky! She makes up for everything by being so loving still. But sometimes that's after she pinches your face.

I can't say Minnie & Mickey are her favorite anymore, she recognizes and enjoys most things not showing a ton of favorites, ok well maybe Elsa only because we haven't watched other princess things. She loves playing with the kitchen and all her pots & pans. Her favorite thing right now it probably reading books.

Her word bank has boomed, yet her sentences still struggle. My favorites are her saying I love you of course, her first & last name, our names, singing popcorn popping or once their was a snowman, ABC's, etc…

She is also still pretty good in the car, but it's ALWAYS "Lexi's turn" to click the buckles

She still loves broccoli, cheese and candy.

We both went through a temple open house for the first time together. The Payson temple is stunning and she was relatively good. She just wanted to sit on the pews and chairs, eat snacks, make me hold her, take the coverings on her shoes off, and other things not allowed…

But tis is her, very independent and strong-willed, but also very empathetic and loving.

It was windy… but they sat there and said cheese? never happens

It can be hard to get a good mommy-child photo


The Mothers of My Life

I woke up this morning thinking about all the women in my life and what I want to take away from their example and apply in the way I term motherhood to my children. When I was younger, my main influences were my grandmothers and my mother. There were a few YW leaders that stood out to me, for the most part, the example of being a mother came from them.

My father's mother was the example of selfless service for family. Growing up, she always seemed to do all the work behind the scenes. She was constantly moving, attending to the needs of others and never expecting in return. She loved her family and was a mother to many by her example and sweet, selfless sacrifice. In her last few years I began to appreciate her for her humor as well. But it just goes to show that all those years she spent cooking, cleaning and listening, she didn't force her voice. Well, unless you started talking real crazy like.

My mother's mom taught me something I didn't appreciate until later, and that was the gift of ancestry. It took me awhile to appreciate, and even now I'm just grasping the importance of where we came from and the people were are tied to, but I definitely respect her for her ancestral legacy. They were first generation converts to the church too, so I always tied back my conversion to part of their story. I will always appreciate those who allowed me the opportunity to grow in the gospel of Christ.

My own mother is the example of intelligence, passion & understanding.  She remembers everything and you'll never think history can teach you so much until you meet her. She taught me to appreciate learning and expanding my world, in and out of the gospel. And I could see her passion for anything she became invested in. Her callings, our birthday parties, teaching students, being involved in committees and communities - my mom was active and she gave herself to the work she did. She is also one of the most understanding people I know and I've come to realize that looking back. She was always the person you wanted on your side and genuinely even if she didn't initially agree or relate, she still found a way to understand and appreciate people.

And due to our most recent situation, I have gotten to know Eric's mother who is essentially another mainstay mother in my life. And I respect her most for her inner emotional strength and faith. I felt like she has had to deal with incredible difficulties, but she is like a rock in the gospel of Christ with how she has walked through the fires and remains true and faithful.  She is a great example to me about focusing our priorities on Christ and family.

All of them have raised wonderful, strong children and I just hope we can continue to remember their good influences. The influence of a mother is powerful. They are oftentimes doing the jobs everyone else forgot about and are most likely taken for granted. Motherhood is a sacrifice, but it doesn't come without the highest of blessings. It is a sacrifice of love and it teaches us more than we could ever understand on our own.



We LOVED seeing our NC friends. Lexi & Brooklyn's love wained some (does anyone else love the "mine" word as much as we do?), but we were impressed with how far their relationship had grown. I'm not sure how we lucked out with such great friends, but perhaps we owe it to visiting teaching. I didn't take a lot of pictures that weren't revolved around baby Grant, but here are the select few that I guess will have to last a few years any way. They grow up so quickly. I'm grateful I was able to take a break and go back in time sort of speak. Good ole NC, I didn't think I'd be back so quickly, but how I do love the green and people like the Harlines. Again, I'd never do a two week vacation for anyone else. Please come to UT soon. Maybe I'll have a baby and return the favor ;)

Gosh she wants to be a big sister so bad. I hate waiting.


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